Jim Carrey’s tragic ex penned several suicide notes before death

Make-up artist Cathriona White claimed actor gave her STDs

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Comedian Jim Carrey’s late girlfriend Cathriona White wrote multiple suicide notes in the months before she killed herself.

Investigators found several notes the troubled make-up artist had written while she she was dating the actor.

The first said she was: “too messed up for anyone to really love,”  according to TMZ, who published excerpts from the notes.

The emotional note, written in October 2012, two months after she began seeing Carrey, continued: “I’m sorry, I just don’t belong to this world I don’t fit, I’ve tried over and over again to belong but I don’t.”

It went on to apologize to Carrey, who she said she loved.

A second shocking note claimed Carrey, who she dated on and off for three years, had given her STDs.

Written after one of the couple’s break ups in May 2013, White said the 54-year-old had abused her and made her feel suicidal.

The note read: “My blood is on your hands” and “You pulled the trigger on me”.

Irish-born White took a fatal overdose in September 2015 at her Los Angeles home

In her final suicide notes she told Carrey “You are my family” and asked him to look after her burial and estate.

After she died Carrey claimed White’s troubles “were born long before I met her.”

He added: “Sadly her tragic end was beyond anyone’s control.”

The new suicide notes could become key evidence in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the actor by White’s estranged husband Mark Burton and her mother Brigid Sweetman.

They claim that shortly before her suicide, Carrey gave White three STDs and then dumped her when she confronted him.