Viewers fire back as Jezza Kyle boasts about how much sex he has

The host was thrilled to learn he's getting more than Security Steve

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Jeremy Kyle’s sex life went through a prolonged dry spell – as regular viewers of his show well know, thanks to him banging on about it.

That’s all changed now and he’s happily shared that he is getting plenty of action in the bedroom.

The delight on his face was a picture as he found out he was enjoying more horizontal gymnastics than Security Steve.

Jezza was chatting to guest Maria, who suspected that her husband Graham was cheating because they don’t get intimate much these days.

The host then decided to put Steve on the spot.

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He exclaimed: “Not like Stevey P!”

The 51-year-old teased him more: “He gets it five times a day, 35 times a week. Don’t you Steve?”

Then the cheeky presenter walked right up to a very awkward looking security guard and pressed for more information.

“She’ll go mad!” Steve said, before adding: “Five times a year…”

Obviously, Jez was delighted with the fact he had a better sex life than his younger colleague. He shouted: “I’m officially getting more than you!”

This is too much information, guys!

However, it seemed to make viewers love Steve even more.

One said: “Don’t you just love Steve, so cute when he goes red…”

Another called for him to get his own show!

Another embarrassed user simply wrote: “Sex life…wow”.

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There were some viewers at home that didn’t like how much Jez teases Steve.

One added: “Leave Steve alone Jezza!”.

Yeah, leave him alone!

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