Jezza K viewers disgusted after pregnant woman admits taking drugs

Lisa was brought on the show by her mother

Jeremy Kyle viewers were left gobsmacked during Friday’s show after a guest admitted to taking drugs while she’s heavily pregnant.

Claire, 42, was on the show with her daughter Lisa to confront her for using drugs while expecting.

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The mother said: “What she’s doing to someone who hasn’t got a voice is not right.”

But as Jezza started to ask more about the story Lisa, who’s 26 weeks pregnant, charged out on stage before being stopped by the security guards.

Claire, who’s a former addict, added: “A couple of days ago I got a phone call from Lisa and she turned around and said I’m waiting for such and such to arrive because they were dropping off her cocaine.”

A shocked Jeremy asked: “A drug dealer was in her house?”

Claire replied: “Yeah.”

As Lisa appeared on stage Jeremy, 51, asked the mum-to-be: “You’ve been taking cocaine whilst you are pregnant. Yes or no?”

Lisa, who was trying to hold back her tears, replied: “Yes I have. You don’t know what I’ve been through.

“I did it by accident. I put my hands up, I did it twice.”

Jezza then interrupted: “You don’t take cocaine twice by accident do you.”

Viewers were disgusted with Lisa and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One angry viewer wrote: “That woman on #JeremyKyle doesn’t deserve her baby!”

“Social services should now drug test her weekly until that baby is born #JeremyKyle,” said another.

A third ranted: “26 wks pregnant and sniffing coke? I hope the social come and save that poor baby as soon as it’s born!!! #jeremykyle.”

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In other Jezza news the presenter was shocked at a guest’s bizarre face tattoo during an episode earlier this month.

As Josh was shown on the screen, the host jumped back, clearly surprised by the artwork on his face.

He asked: “What’s that on his head?”

And of course it definitely didn’t go unnoticed by viewers, who weren’t keen on it at all.

One wrote: “Got a face tattoo to take attention away from his bum chin #jeremykyle.”

Another said: “I’d disown you mate, just for that stupid tattoo on your head #JeremyKyle.”

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