Jez McConnell branded “vile” over sick David Gest stunt

That's just not cool.

This might have been one of the lowest things Jeremy McConnell has ever done.

The Irish reality star has been blasted after posting a really insensitive Snapchat video pretending to be the late David Gest.

Who does that?!

On Saturday evening, the 26-year-old decided to share a Snapchat vid with a filter on David Gest’s face over his own.

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He then put on an American accent and said: “Hello guys, David Gest here. I’ve been in Lanzarote for the last few months and nobody knows.”

Jez then captioned the video: “Miss this dude so much” along with a heart and a crying with laughter emoji.

Uh, we don’t really find it funny mate.

Twitter users were also quick to take to social media to air their disgust with Steph Davis’ ex.

One user wrote: “Can’t believe @JezzaMcConnell has posted a snapchat pretending to be David Gest. Some ‘friend’. Such a disrespectful waster. Embarrassment.”

Another called him “vile” and “disgraceful”.

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David and Jeremy were housemates in Celebrity Big Brother and became really good mates, alongside Jez’s ex Stephanie Davis.

The popular entertainer was just 62 when he died of a stroke and became quite close to the crazy couple!

They were friends, but would friends take the mickey out of someone who’s passed away?!

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