Jez confirms he and Steph are back together again. Or are they?

Your guess is as good as ours!

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Hands up if you’re getting bored of this whole Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell “are-they-aren’t-they” farce?

One minute they’re claiming they are back together, the next they are at each other’s throats.

Then just when you think all is settled again, Jez has been arrested for allegedly attacking her and Steph is showing off her bruises on Snapchat for all to see!

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Now, after we were thought that that supposed attack last week was the final straw for the pair of them, it would seem that the publicity shy couple (joke!) are back together again.

Yes, really!

Yesterday, the Irish reality star shared a family photo of them and their son Caben-Albi relaxing on the couch together.

This came in the wake of Jeremy sharing a video of himself holding son Caben.

Fans – yes, he still actually has fans after everything he has done – were confused, as they wondered whether the images and videos were new or merely throwback videos and photographs.

In the black and white pic, Jeremy is seen kissing Steph’s head while she holds Caben’s hands as they hold each other on the couch.

Sharing the picture on both Instagram and Twitter, he captioned it with a heart symbol and “#newprofilepic”.

He later tweeted: “@Stephdavis77 love you everyone else”.

Because the pair love nothing more than to live their lives via social media, Steph replied “I love you too” and shared two posts featuring quotes.

One read: “All relationships go through hell, real relationships get through it”.

While the other said:  “Love is a meeting of two souls, fully accepting the dark and the light within each other, bound by the courage to grow through struggle into bliss”.

In the video that Jez posted, the Irish model, made famous by his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother last year, is seen gently tickling his son and saying: “Are you being good for daddy? Are you being good for me?”

Steph, meanwhile, can be heard laughing in the background as Caben playfully giggles with Jeremy.

The news of their reunion has come as a shock as just the day before all these lovey dovey pictures, things did not seem well between the two.

Jez posted a series of now deleted cryptic social media posts in which he hinted that he thought the Davis family had put a “hit” on him.

In one message, he wrote, “People saying hits on my head by Steph”, and Snapchatted a picture of himself which was captioned with an emoji of a worried face and a gun.

This message was posted amongst a sequence of videos in which he can be heard asking a friend if “Is someone trying to kill me tonight?”

Fans weren’t sure what to make of his latest crazed thoughts and one bravely branded Jez “paranoid” while others suggested he might need some professional help.

Earlier in the week, Stephanie hinted at a taking int heir frosty relationship when she said on social media that he “knows he’s done wrong” and that she will “always love him” despite his faults.

But wait. SHOCK UPDATE! In the early hours of this morning Steph tweeted something about Jeremy messaging people he’d been intimate with.

In a series of now deleted messages she wrote:

“So Jeremy can…be best mates with people he’s…”

“Sorry he can block me because he’s in the right after what he did.

“When is he going to give up?” , before asking anyone if anyone was in Liverpool for some “dutty wine,” a provocative Jamaican dance.

She then posted that someone had hacked her Twitter and that “some people are good liars”.

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Who knows what’s going on?

They don’t seem too why should we?