Jesy Nelson unveils another new look – already!

You know she loves to play with her looks!

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Jesy Nelson has many talents.



Wearing barely there outfits.

And hairography – i.e. whipping her head back and forth to the music.

Now, to ensure that she does so with style, she makes sure her locks are looking mighty pristine.

Or, indeed, different, as she has shown.

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In case you’ve been living on Mars, Jesy has been rather playful with her tumbling locks of late and has had her fans squealing with glee.

One week she was blonde…

Jesy was beaut as a blonde (Credit: Instagram)

The next rust…

Jessy looked rather raunchy in rust (Credit: Instagram)

The time after that pink…

Jesy looked perky in pink (Credit: Instagram)

And now… yes, folks, you know where this story is going…

The sassy lassie has undergone yet ANOTHER transformation.

This time, she has had some gorgeous extensions clipped into her barnet by Easilockshair (which means she probably got ’em for free) and by jiminy she looks stunning.

But hang on a minute, where’s Jesy’s gorgeous face?

Why is she hiding it?

Unless, of course she is going to a fancy dress party as Cousin It from the Addams Family?

Is Jesy attending a Cousin It lookalike party (Credit: Instagram)Is that the latest popstar inspiration?

Who knows these days? Inspiration comes from all manner of places…

However, regardless of what inspired this hair-cover (yeah, yeah, we know it’s actually the back of her head), Jesy’s fans were beside themselves, loving every single strand.


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However, while the stunning new look was met with approval, one or two preferred her locks pink.

Oh well, guys, give Jes another week, and she’ll probably be sporting rainbow colours in time for gay pride season.

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