Jesy Nelson and Jake Roche split CONFIRMED by his mum…

The Loose Women panellist revealed the sad news

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Finally, our questions have been answered!

Jesy Nelson and Jake Roche HAVE ended their engagement.

The Rixton star’s mum Coleen Nolan confirmed their split on Loose Women.

She was discussing marriage when she said: “Don’t you think there’s a pressure all the time in relationships?

“As soon as you get engaged, as you’re showing someone the ring they’re going, ‘When are you getting married?’

“Then the day you get married it’s: ‘When are you having children?’

“With Jake and Jesy when they first got engaged, instantly all the press – everyone – was asking me, ‘When’s the wedding?’ There’s so much pressure on relationships.

“People keep asking when they were getting married and I was asked when the wedding was.”

She then confirmed that her son had split up with the Little Mix star.

Ruth asked: “Have they actually split up?”

Coleen added: “Yeah. But it’s kind of amicable and they’re dealing with it really well and they’re both good friends.”

This comes as Jesy spoke in an interview about how to get over a split.

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She said: “You have to go through stages – crying it out, being around your friends, just having that support.

“And then, you get yourself out and you mingle, mingle, mingle.”

So why did they split?

We might know the answer to that!

An insider told Reveal that Jesy, 25, is “constantly” talking about being a mum and wanted to start trying for a baby as soon as she got married in May.

But that was not the case for Jake, who doesn’t feel ready to be a dad.

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The source said: “Jake feels that, at 24, he’s too young to be a father.

“He feels they have their whole lives ahead of them to start enjoying kids when the time is right.

“Jesy completely disagreed.

“She is only a year older but is much more emotionally mature and she was always very clear with Jake that, as soon as she got married, she would want to start the next big chapter in their lives together.

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