Jeremy McConnell tries to stop the release of incriminating video

The CBB star says he'll be "eaten alive" if clip comes out!

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In a very bizarre move, notorious Celebrity Big Brother star Jeremy McConnell has supposedly begged an angry ‘someone’ not to release a video that apparently shows him taking cocaine.

According to newspaper reports, Stephanie Davis’s ex boyfriend and baby-daddy allegedly got in touch with a guy called Jake Jones over Twitter pleading with him not to release the potentially damaging tape.

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He even supposedly posted, “Iv paid you before (sic)”.

The hoo-ha first kicked off when “Jake”  initially tweeted that he had “footage of @JezzaMcConnell doing cocain in the toilets of one club last month (sic).”

He went on to publicly post a series of private messages between him and Jeremy with the words: “So @JezzaMcConnell replies to tweets about a video of him doing cocaine but fails to stick up for an innocent girls life getting ruined!”

The messages show Jeremy desperately trying to persuade him to keep the incendiary clip under wraps.

“The eat me alive if you send them it…please dont!!!! (sic).”

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Jake Jones then replied “What your doing to that bird is bad – You need to own up to things, your slowly ruining her life (sic),” which is believed to  in relation to another Twitter spat with a fan who claims his girlfriend cheated on him with Jez.

This is not the first time Jeremy has been embroiled in a video scandal concerning drugs.

Last year, while he was in the CBB house, a video of him snorting an unidentified white powder from the genitals of an unknown woman appeared online.

However, Jez’s reps have been fast to poo-poo the latest accusations, telling The Sun  “Jeremy has never spoken to this guy in his life and those are ‘fake’ messages”.