Jeremy McConnell told to ‘man up’ by fans

Everybody is saying Caben-Albi is 'spitting image' of him

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The star has claimed he will “step up” and support Steph and his son, but seems more interested in partying!

Jeremy previously claimed that he doesn’t believe he is the father of Stephanie Davis’ baby.

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But after the first photo of Caben-Albi was revealed, fans were convinced he is his father’s son.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to give opinions on the little tot.

One fan tweeted: “@Stephdavis77 spitting image of his dad @JezzaMcConnell.”

Another said: “@Stephdavis77 the awkward moment when @JezzaMcConnell denies it’s his but the baby comes out his double.”

Steph has always said Jeremy McConnell, who she met on Celebrity Big Brother last year, is the father of her child.

She recently said: “My son is one hundred percent Jeremy’s baby – and a paternity test will prove it,”

Fans have been tweeting Jez telling him to “man up” and support his child!

Some more harsh than others…

The single mum recently said: “I’ll cope on my own but it makes me sad that I can’t give Caben the happy family life I had.”

She added: “Thankfully, he has my brothers around him and all the love he could ever need from our family.”

Jez tweeted after Steph had given birth saying: “I am delighted that Steph has safely had the baby, of course if he is my son I will absolutely step up and do what I can to support him.”

But he hasn’t said much since!

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Hopefully these two can sort everything out and focus on their son.