Jeremy McConnell makes bizarre Steph Davis claim

The reality star has shared several worrying messages over the past few days

In the early hours of Wednesday morning Jeremy McConnell tweeted that he believes ex Steph Davis has a “hit out on him”.

The worrying message comes after the model was investigated over claims he assaulted the former Hollyoaks star.

Addressing his 396K followers Jez wrote: “People saying hits on my head by Steph.”

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The cryptic message, which has now been deleted, came after the Celebrity Big Brother star posted a screenshot which appeared to be messages between Steph’s mum and an anonymous person.

But there is no evidence to prove that these messages are in fact real.

Jez and Steph’s on/off relationship has been nothing but drama ever since they left the CBB house last year.

Now one year on and the former couple have a little tot, Caben-Albi, together.

Sources close to her have denied that Steph or her family have threatened Jeremy in any way.

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It seems the Dublin-born star isn’t the only one posting tweets and then deleting them shortly after.

Steph, who recently revealed she was feeling “emotionally and mentally drained”, did the exact same thing after ranting about Jez.

She began her post: “I’ll love him always and always be there but sometimes u have to be cruel to be kind.

She then continued: “I won’t have anyone say anything bad about him… he may be horrible to me but I’ll always stand by him.”

Who knows where this will go next.