Jeremy McConnell FINALLY meets his son!

He also spent some time with his ex Stephanie Davis in Liverpool

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Jeremy McConnelly has reportedly been to meet his newborn son Caben-Albi for the first time.

The 27-year-old dad is believed to have spent the whole weekend in Stephanie Davis’ hometown of Liverpool.

According to The Sun, a source said: “It was an emotional reunion between him and Stephanie but close pals were glad to see the pair finally putting their past behind him.

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“Caben is well and truly their priority now – nothing else matters other than the health and happiness of the baby,” the insider added to The Sun.

It has all happened so quickly; it was less a week ago that Jeremy confirmed he was the father of Steph’s baby after denying his paternity for months!

A source has also told The Sun that they want to put all of their differences aside: “Stephanie and Jeremy are back on speaking terms.

“They’re trying to rebuild a civilised relationship for the sake of Caben – they both knew that the situation had to change for things to move forward.

“It’s going to be a slow process but they’re gradually heading in the right direction.”

Jez shared an adorable photo of his tiny son on his Twitter, and that’s why it was presumed he’d met him.

On Sunday he wrote on his Instagram alongside a pic of Caben: “Happiest man alive , my new focus ❤️🐵”

Uploading the same cute pic to Twitter he wrote: “I’ll love this monkey with every bit of me❤️😍”

This is comes after Jeremy and Stephanie are now following each other on the social media platform.

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It was kind of a big deal!

What’s more, Steph deleted any trace of the statement that she shared stating that she was “humiliated” by him denying the fact that Caben was his son.

All the bad blood seems to have gone, what next?!