Jeremy McConnell branded “disgusting” for fat shaming a woman online

He was retaliating to an off-hand comment from her...

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Jeremy McConnell has been in the headlines rather a lot lately and not for good reason.

Two weeks ago he was found guilty of assaulting the mother of his son, Stephanie Davis, receiving a suspended sentence.

Jez was found guilty of assaulting Stephanie Davis (Credit: Instagram)

Then this week he filmed himself brazenly waving something suspicious-looking, which had people thinking he might be indulging in certain substances – he shot those down, claiming it was, in fact, cash.

Most people would try not to court controversy, but this weekend, Jeremy has done himself no favours by fat shaming a girl on social media.

Jeremy shows off his toned bod online plugging some tooth whitening stuff (Credit: Instagram)

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The Irish model took to Twitter to tell a girl she should “hit a treadmill” as they argued online about the big boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor last night.

The online spat came when Jeremy posted a joke about the fight showing an individual giving McGregor some tips.

This comment went down badly in light of his recent conviction.

One of his followers said: “You could give him some tips… No that’s right just woman you hit.”

Jeremy was fast to reply: “Only thing you need to hit is a treadmill.”

Although he was retaliating to the nasty comment, other followers branded him shameful for referencing the woman’s weight.

One Tweeter actually backed him up and said: “Wow Jeremy that’s not nice don’t stoop as low as her.”

However, another fan branded his comment “disgusting”, to which Jeremy also hit back: “You get on the one beside her.”

Jeremy also retweeted a post which shows pictures of the women apparently targeting him, which read:

“Here are the sad bunch of women who troll you from multiple accounts… Look at the state of them.”

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He then signed off saying, “Gonna say a prayer for them tonight. God help them.”

Oh, the whole thing leaves a very sour taste in the mouth.

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