Jeremy Kyle viewers stunned by guest’s ‘bizarre’ face tattoo…

Even host Jeremy was shocked

Jeremy Kyle viewers were shocked today at a guest, Josh, who had a massive tattoo across the side of his head.

Josh’s grandmother, Valerie, appeared on the show to find out if Josh was her real grandson.

But it seemed fans of the show were far more interested in his tattoos.

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As Josh was shown on the screen, host Jezza jumped back clearly shocked by the artwork on his face.

He asked: “What’s that on his head?”

And of course it definitely didn’t go unnoticed by viewers, who weren’t keen on it at all.

One wrote: “Got a face tattoo to take attention away from his bum chin #jeremykyle.”

“That tattoo looks ridiculous #JeremyKyle,” said another.

A third said: “I’d disown you mate, just for that stupid tattoo on your head #JeremyKyle.”

A fourth added: “Wonder if he has employment with that poundshop thug tattoo? #JeremyKyle.”

Valerie claimed she wasn’t sure that Josh was her grandson because he had “protruding ears and a moon face”.

The 73-year-old then went on to reveal she believed he could be the postman’s child!

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But she then went on to say she didn’t want anything to do with her potential grandson.

She said: “He’s attacked me physically. He held my head and hit it against a stone wall.

“Whichever way this goes I don’t want anything to do with him.”

The test came back as inconclusive so Josh and Valerie were unable to find out if they’re related.

In other Jezza news viewers were left amused after a guest proposed to his girlfriend minutes after she accused him of cheating.

Liz was certain Lee had cheated on her instead of doing his late night cleaning job at a train station.

But after proving his innocence Lee got down on one knee and popped the question.

We’ve seen our fair share of Jeremy Kyle proposals but this one possibly topped them all.

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