Jeremy Kyle viewers put off their breakfast by guest’s dirty teeth

Young woman's gnashers were distracting the audience from her story...

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Jeremy Kyle viewers are known for giving the guests a bit of grief for their appearance.

And they’ve done it again.

They didn’t hold back as they attacked a guest for having “dirty teeth”.

Becky was seeking Jezza’s help to find out whether her dad Derek was also parent to Alan, who was desperate to solve his paternity puzzle.

Her dad had previously denied fathering either of them.

But people at home were distracted from Becky’s story and turned their attention to her eye-catching gnashers.

One tweeted: “At least run a toothbrush over them, ffs #jeremykyle #925club”.

Several cruel viewers complained that Becky’s teeth had put them off their brekkie, with one writing: “Happily eating my breakfast, look up, see her teeth and nearly brought my breakfast back up.”

Another added: “Wow that’s some revolting teeth on #jeremykyle this morning!… put me off my Frosties!”

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Jez branded Becky’s dad “the worst father that had ever been” as he revealed that Alan is Derek’s biological son.

This isn’t the first time a guest has been ridiculed for not having pearly whites.

Gemma Swift was dubbed ‘tooth lady’ when she first appeared on the show on account of her extraordinarily deformed gnashers.

The abuse was so bad that it drove Gemma to have a nervous breakdown, so Jeremy Kyle stepped in to help change her life around.

The Jeremy Kyle Show footed the £10,000 dental bill and filmed the process for our viewing delight.

Sadly, this repeat airing of Gemma’s comeback prompted trolls to attack again.

One wrote: “She’s still ugly, just that now you concentrate more on her face. Carry on and she might get plastic surgery. # jeremykyle”

Another viewer said: “# jeremykyle they still awful. Take them out ffs.”

You just can’t please them!