Jeremy Kyle viewers in hysterics over Max Branning lookalike

Danny and partner Kelsie were on the show to take a lie detector

As guests go on the Jeremy Kyle Show, Danny really stood out for a couple of reasons.

He appeared on the ITV talk show to take the notorious lie detector test, but NOT to prove his innocence.

Danny actually wanted to fail the test so he could prove he had a threesome after admitting he couldn’t remember what happened after a night out.

Danny and his partner Kelsie both took lie detectors to see if either of them had done the dirty.

Danny was compared to Max Branning from EastEnders (Credit: ITV)

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Danny told host Jeremy, 51, that he didn’t remember the night after “waking up naked” next to two women, one of whom was Kelsie.

He said: “I had a few drinks, took my missus upstairs, had a bit of a romp, fell asleep, woke up, was about to get on it and saw brown hair instead of blonde hair.”


But, attempting to defend himself, he added: “Like I said to the missus, if I was going to cheat I have the perfect settee downstairs.”

Danny seemed pretty proud of himself that he managed to end up in bed with two women despite having no recollection of the night.

Danny boasted about his naughty antics on the boozy night out (Credit: ITV)

He told the host: “I want to find out if something did happen. I want to know if I’ve had a threesome, one-some, or just sat there.”

Viewers were shocked as the couple both failed the test.

Meanwhile others were too busy comparing Danny to EastEnders’ Max Branning, played by Jake Wood.

One wrote on Twitter: “Odd looking Max from EastEnders on #jeremykyle.”

Another added: “#jeremykyle Max from ‘Enders?”

Others were claiming Danny looked like a “pound shop” version of Max.

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In other Jezza news another guest, Dean, was on the show recently accusing his partner Kayleigh of cheating while he was out fishing.

Kayleigh denied all of his accusations as Dean revealed he came back from one of his fishing sessions to find a man escaping out of a window in their house.

But viewers were shocked to find out Dean was in fact the cheat as poor Kayleigh was left heartbroken.

Dean was found out to be a liar on the show earlier this week (Credit: ITV)

One wrote on Twitter: “Hmmm, seems like it’s not just fish that’s been having a nibble at his rod…”

Another user wrote: “So she didn’t con him hook, line and sinker whilst he was off casting his line in new waters???”

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