Jeremy Kyle Kathleen toothless gran

Jeremy Kyle viewers aghast as toothless grandmother reveals real age

Wait... She's HOW old?

Jeremy Kyle fans are a hard bunch to shock, but guest Kathleen managed the impossible yesterday.

The grandmother appeared on ITV’s tabloid-style talkshow to discuss a custody battle, but viewers were immediately startled by her appearance.

And when she announced her real age, some fans believed they must have misheard!

Kathleen confronted her son’s girlfriend’s ex for abandoning her baby (Credit: ITV)

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On Thursday (3 January), Kathleen took part in Jeremy’s show in order to confront her son’s girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend Craig for abandoning his baby. Yes, it was complicated…

Defending her son Steven, who wants to adopt the baby with his new girlfriend, Kathleen had a shouty showdown with Craig for being an absent dad and saying her son would make a more dependable father figure to the young boy.

However, it was when Kathleen revealed she was 38 that fans flocked to Twitter to share their shock and surprise.

Kathleen Toothless gran Jeremy Kyle
Fans couldn’t believe Kathleen was only in her 30s (Credit: ITV)

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One fan wrote: “38 but her mouth is 98.”

Another said: “38. Maybe her IQ is 38, that I could believe.”

A third added: “There is no [bleeping] way in the world that she is only 38 unless you are counting in decades! #jeremykyle oh [bleep] me look at those no teeth!”

During the show, a recap from last year, Kathleen – forever to be nicknamed toothless gran – went on to claim that her son’s girlfriend’s ex Craig is violent and shouldn’t be near the baby.

While she insisted her son should become the legal guardian of the tot, bolshy host Jeremy questioned why Kathleen was getting involved at all as it was nothing to do with her!

The new series kicks off on Monday (7 January).

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