Jeremy Kyle Show guest launches abusive tirade at Jezza and calls him a “bully”

The guest was clearly not a fan

There have been many abusive comments slung about The Jeremy Kyle stage, and it has become a source of entertainment for many of its viewers, but today saw one of the biggest Jezza haters launch a tirade of verbal abuse at the host.

Security had to run onto the stage to stop the guest, named Lloyd, from getting to Jezza. He accused Jeremy of being a bully, saying: “You try to intimidate people all the time yeah, you’re not intimidating me!”

Liam wanted to know if Lloyd had stolen his gold chain (Credit: ITV)

That’s when the verbal abuse began, and Lloyd started targeting Jeremy’s looks when he accused him of having a fake tan, saying: “Look at the state of you,” to which Jeremy replied: “That’s a real tan.”

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The guest was on the show because his best friend Liam was worried he had stolen his gold chain. Even though they had been friends for 16 years, Liam said Lloyd was one of a handful of people who were in his house around the time his beloved gold chain went missing.

But Lloyd didn’t let Jeremy finish talking to Liam, as he continued to stand on the side of the stage with a bodyguard in front of him, shouting abuse at Jeremy.

It got worse as Lloyd went even more personal than he started with and said: “You’ve had about 15 marriages, for one you’re a gambling addict so don’t even go there,” which caused a lot of oohs from the audience.

Lloyd practically ran onto the stage, before security jumped in (Credit: ITV)

Jeremy’s private life has been a source of controversy as he has publicly talked about his past gambling addiction and has been married twice before. He is now dating his children’s former nanny Vicky Burton.

But the jibe about his marriages didn’t seem to sting Jeremy as he smiled and sauntered over to Lloyd, telling the audience “I love these days.”

With a bodyguard between him and his guest Jezza asked him if he’s been in prison for stealing before, to which Lloyd said he hadn’t, so Jeremy went to sit back down. But little did he know the guest wasn’t done yet and he wanted to “bully” Jeremy some more.

He stayed at the side of the stage and shouted to Jeremy: “Keep your mouth shut until I come out yeah” which made the audience boo loudly as they showed their support for the show’s host.

Lloyd clearly had made up his mind about Jeremy. He said: “You’re a bully and I’m gonna bully you, see how you like it.”

Jeremy replied: “You’re making yourself look guilty.”

The bodyguard constantly kept Jeremy and Lloyd apart (Credit: ITV)

The guest said he wouldn’t talk about the incident until he was sat on stage, so Jeremy thought it would be a good opportunity to take a stab back at him and said: “You’re not coming out, do one!” The audience cheered and clapped as they were clearly getting fed up with him.

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Lloyd made himself look even more silly when he said: “I’ll stand here all day I’m not bothered.”

Jeremy decided to even things out and get even more personal with him. He asked him: “Are you single,” to which the guest replied: “Maybe, maybe not” which caused laughter from the audience.

The verbal tirade was nearly over, but Lloyd said: “How many times have you been married Jeremy? seven?” Jeremy found it hilarious and continued to laugh at his behaviour.

When asked: “Is there anything else you’d like to say?” Lloyd replied: “Yeah you’re a complete Muppet.”

Lloyd shouted abuse from the side of the stage (Credit: ITV)

It actually turned out that after doing a lie detector test and saying he hadn’t stolen his friend’s chain, Lloyd was telling the truth and he wasn’t a thief after all!

The audience started chanting “Off off off off” to get rid of the guest and as he left he told Jeremy: “I wouldn’t even spit on you if you was on fire mate.” Woah that’s harsh!

When the guest was finally gone (or so we thought) Jeremy said: “I don’t know what to say apart from I obviously haven’t made a friend out of him.”

But just as he was closing the show, the abusive guest surprisingly came back! He stormed back onto the stage just as Jezza was about to wrap up, and said: “Ya know what, yeah, it’s been nice meeting ya.”

Jeremy replied in typical Jezza form: “I wish I could say the same now do one!”

Phew, we’re glad all that tension is over.