Jeremy Kyle leaves viewers “heartbroken” after family’s shocking story

Guest Debbie revealed that her 11-year-old girl was abused by family members

The Jeremy Kyle show had viewers “sick” to their stomach after a family opened up about their traumatic past.

On Tuesday’s instalment, Debbie, a mother, revealed how there had been two incidents of sexual abuse against her daughter.

She said that her own father AND son were guilty of raping her daughter Hayley, when she was just 11 years old.

Hayley and her mother Debbie reveal the shocking story (Credit: ITV)

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The reason for coming onto the show was to heal a rift between herself and her ex-husband Paul, who was being accused of “abandoning” their daughter when he moved out with the son that raped Hayley.

She said that her relationship with him was “destroyed” after finding out about what their son and her father had done to their daughter.

Father Paul had a lot of explaining to do (Credit: ITV)

“My dad came into my house, he put his arm around her and she punched him saying ‘Don’t touch me’, and I knew from then that something wasn’t right.”

Debbie then revealed that her child was bribed with sweets.

When finding out that her son Liam had also been involved, she said that she “wanted to kill them both”.

What’s most shocking is that the son was jailed for four and a half years, but after being released, he went to live with his sister again.

Hayley was upset her father wasn’t there for her (Credit: ITV)

Paul moved out with Liam eventually and admitted that he didn’t do enough for his daughter, calling himself a “useless father”.

Confronting her father, Hayley said: “You haven’t been there for 11 and a half years. At age 11 you told me you couldn’t come to court because you were painting a mate’s house for £40 worth of weed.”

Hayley then admitted that she felt like it was her fault when it happened.

The family sounded like they resolved a lot of their issues, and brother Matthew also joined them on stage.

The family embraced each other in tears (Credit: ITV)

They were in floods of tears and they hugged each other.

Viewers couldn’t believe what they were watching.

One said: “Omg this story on @itvjeremykyle totally heartbreaking & shocking #jeremykyle”.

Another emotional Twitter user said: “This story though….”, then adding: “Respect to this family for being there.”

An angry user said: “Something dreadfully wrong with the justice system in this country! #JeremyKyle”.

While a fourth said: “Just when you think Jeremy Kyle can’t get any worse A girl is Raped by her Grandad & 14 yr old Brother!!

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“Seriously this world makes me sick!!”

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