Jeremy Kyle is drowned out by super loud and aggressive warring family

Viewers had no idea what was going on

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You either love Jeremy Kyle or you don’t.

Some think he does good and helps to sort out the problems of real people’s damaged lives, while others think he is merely exploiting misfortunates for viewers to gawp at.

Nevertheless people still watch it, so that makes it alright, yeah?

In Monday’s episode, chaos ensued as a warring family came to blows onstage, managing to drown out even a cocky Jez.

A family had been split apart because Jess and her stepmum couldn’t get on (Credit: ITV)

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In a segment called ‘You’re the stepmum from hell  – you’ve stopped me seeing my dad!’ an 18 year old called Jess explained that her stepmum was a witch because she had tried to keep her and her father apart.

Jess and her mum kicked off on stage and screamed the place down (credit: ITV)

She said she wanted her father to step up and take control of the difficult situation.

But no sooner had Jess got on stage than stepmum Carrie started heckling her from backstage.

She got so heated that Jeremy had to go backstage to tell her to shut up.

Jess branded her step mum Carrie a witch (Credit: ITV)

Jess went on to brand Carrie a control freak and said she looked “like a man” which provoked an angry Carrie to prowl out onto the stage and try to challenge her.

Jeremy Kyle tried to keep things calm but couldn’t manage it (Credit: ITV)

Led off stage again, Jess’s natural mum appeared on a screen behind them and began screaming at the top of her voice.

After the break, Jess and Carrie came face to face and started screaming incomprehensibly into each other’s faces, while Jess’s real mum started yelling from the side.

Once Jeremy quietened things down for moment, Carrie accused Jess of threatening to kill her father.

Jess denied the charge and hit back at that she had given her food poisoning.

Jess’s dad, mum, and stepmum were all on stage screaming. (Credit: ITV)

In addition to that Carrie said that Jess’s mum had said that Steve had once been known as Uncle Steve, a family friend, casting doubt on whether he was actually Jess’s father.

After the two heavily tattooed women scrapped at each other some more, having to be restrained by the show’s security men, Jeremy, who could barely get a word in edgways was forced to chase Jess and her mum as they stormed off stage and headed deep into the studios.

Eventually, Jeremy finally got to the moment when he revealed if Steve was the father.

Jeremy announced that Steve was indeed Jess’s father despite thoughts that he might no be (Credit: ITV)

It was revealed that Steve was Jess’s father. But that still didn’t help fans of the show understand what was going on.

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Viewers were horrified and appalled as they watched the argument spiral out of control.

Some were amused, some didn’t even know what was they were arguing about,

One viewer said, “20 minutes in and I am none the wiser as to what their argument is all about,” while another exasperated fan wrote: “I’ve got my TV on mute and I can *still* hear these people.”

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