Jeremy Kyle guest breaks down after finding out he’s the father of ex’s baby

The audience cheered after the emotional father cried in happiness

The Jeremy Kyle Show audience were thrilled to find that a guest was the father of his ex’s child.

Josh had been told by his ex-girlfriend Sarah that he wasn’t the dad, as well as her family and friends completely denying it.

The Jezza team however, did some tests to find out that he was in fact the father all along, despite Sarah cheating throughout their relationship.

Sarah’s face was a real treat after she found out the news (Credit: ITV)

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Members of the audience clapped and cheers and Josh was comforted by his family, and they held him while he cried over the news.

Heading backstage, Sarah apologised: “I’m sorry. If I knew he was yours, I would have said.

“But I thought it was… you know whose I thought it was.”

How many other guys did she sleep with?”

Jeremy almost held his head in his hands after he announced the results (Credit: ITV)

In the green room, they parents went to see their baby boy, with Sarah saying that Josh would be allowed to spend as much time he wants with him.

“Of course he can [be around],” she told the host.

Josh couldn’t contain himself, as he was in shock, and felt huge relief.

Josh couldn’t hide his emotion as he sat backstage (Credit: ITV)

Through sobs, he said: “I just want to keep him safe.”


Viewers who were watching the show on Thursday morning found the news very emotional.

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One said: “How lovely”, alongside an emoji blowing its nose.

Another added how “happy” he was that he was the father.

A third noted how similar father and son looked, and that it was “obvious” he was the dad.

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