Viewers of The Jeremy Kyle Show stunned by stroppiest ever guest

Viewers couldn't believe their ears

The Jeremy Kyle Show viewers were not happy with one “stroppy” guest on Thursday’s instalment.

Chanelle, 21, was on the show with her boyfriend Brian, who is 56!

But it was Brian’s 22-year-old daughter Louise that was the talk of the town.

She was furious that her father was with somebody younger than her.

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The feisty woman stormed on stage to confront her future stepmum, and shouted: “It’s like having sex with your daughter!”.


Jezza was pretty lost for words at their family situation, and called it pretty “messed up”, but admitted: “This is the Jeremy Kyle show to be fair.”

Louise revealed that she was taken from her dad when she was two years old, and ended up living in seven different care homes, before being adopted when she was seven.

Viewers at home couldn’t quite believe her attitude, and the dynamic of her family.

One said: “This daughter is a right moody cow. #JeremyKyle”.

Another said how “annoying” Louise was, and that she watched “too much little Britain growing up.”


One particular Twitter user couldn’t help but comment on how pale she was!

Of course, there’s always one that calls a Jezza Kyle guest a “chav”.

People just wanted her to be quiet, and accused her of acting like a “15 year old.”

One user said that Brian had a “face like a gammon joint”.

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Wow, what a great show for a Thursday morning!

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