Jeremy Kyle makes shocking confession to his guests

He gave us a rare insight into his private life

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Jeremy Kyle’s life has the potential to be a real story-line on his very own show.

He’s been married twice, endured a gambling addiction and is even having a love affair with his children’s former nanny!

His first ex-wife, Kirsty Rowley, who he met back in 1988 when he was working as a recruitment consultant in an agency in Bristol, claimed that during their short marriage, Jeremy kept a gambling addiction from her.

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She said that the ITV presenter had wasted away £70,000 and had run up £4,500 debts at the bookies.

Jezza had spoken out about the addiction saying: “Gambling is the mistress that truly seduced me. I will never understand what a hit of heroin feels like, but gambling I get. Big time.”

But after Jeremy’s first marriage failure, he married Carla in 2002.

The former couple went on to have two daughters and a son together.

But it doesn’t stop there for the ITV star.

He was diagnosed in 2012 with testicular cancer which led on to the break down of his second marriage in 2015.

But days after the news was announced, it was claimed that Carla had enjoyed a “passionate affair” with an England Polo player while Jeremy was away in America filming the US version of The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Jezza opened up about his life in his latest Jeremy Kyle episode.

He revealed where he believes he’s gone wrong.

After criticizing yet another guest on his show, the presenter told the audience: “I’m good at giving advice, not so good at applying it to my own life.”

But news broke last weekend that Jeremy was having a love affair with the former nanny of his children.

And lets just say his ex-wife isn’t too impressed with it!

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She told the Sun: “I’m in shock – she was my nanny for nine years, she looked after my babies.”

His life could be a film!

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