Jeremy Kyle FLOORED as angry female guest rampages onto stage!

Raging woman wasn't letting anyone stand in her way

We reckon Jeremy Kyle might need to up his security – the poor presenter was FLOORED during a particularly heated segment on his show.

His current team of ‘protectors’ faced a tongue-lashing from shaken host, when he ended up on all fours, just moments after the bear-baiting episode had begun.

During a segment tantalisingly entitled, “I’ll prove we’re not sisters… can you prove you’re not on drugs?”, Emma, 29, wanted to prove to the audience just how awful her younger sibling Kelly was.

But it turned out Kelly seemed determined to prove that all for herself as she bolted onto the stage like a bull at a field full of cows and, as the burly security men leapt in, stunned was bowled over.

His security staff then helped the flustered 51-year-old to his feet.

“I opened my mouth – and I get flattened by THAT,” snarled Kyle. “Steve, where were you? I’m supposed to be the reason the show stays together. Where were you?”

Having almost gathered himself, JK then turned to Emma and said: “I’m all out of breath.”

We hope the host is getting danger money from ITV. Last week he was abused – this time verbally – as another guest accused him of TAKING DRUGS!

The female, called Demelza, who was coincidentally also on the show to have it out with her sister, randomly told the presenter to, “Go sniff some drugs!”… adding, “Yeah, it’s all over the Internet, mate!”… (It isn’t.)

All in a day’s work for the Kyle-Meister.