Jeremy Kyle fans shocked as mum claims her son was swapped at birth

Anita and James took a DNA test to find out if they are mother and son

A guest on today’s Jeremy Kyle Show admitted she was there to find out if 36-year-old James was really her son after she believed he was swapped at birth.

Anita, who gave birth at 17, claimed the baby she took home looked nothing like the baby she had given birth to because he had a “rounder face” and “lighter skin”.

Anita was convinced her baby was swapped at birth (Credit: ITV)

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The two were on the show to take a DNA test to find out the truth once and for all.

The emotional mother told host Jeremy: “He looked different, his face was rounder, his skin was lighter.”

James then revealed he had lived with his nan, Anita’s mum, from the age of eight.

He told Jezza: “My nan was my mum.

James admitted not having a strong relationship with Anita (Credit: ITV)

“My mum is more like my sister or my friend.”

He went on to reveal his mum told him that she thought she had picked up the wrong baby at the hospital by accident.

To which James told the host: “Everything made sense. My entire existence made sense.

“I don’t look like the rest of my family and I have a very rare blood type.”

The two took a DNA test to find out the results (Credit: ITV)

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Presenter Jeremy, 51, then went ahead and announced the DNA results which proved Anita IS James’s mother.

Viewers couldn’t help but share their thoughts as the mum and son hugged for the first time.

One wrote: “I think there’s a resemblance between them without DNA #JeremyKyle.”

“The more you believe something, the more you think it’s true. I knew she was his mum coz they look so alike!! #jeremykyle,” another said.

A third tweeted: “#JeremyKyle this is so sad , but I do think she is his mum they look so alike.”

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