Jeremy Kyle fans shocked as guest admits crime on the show

Macauley's also in a relationship with his cousin

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Jeremy Kyle viewers were left outraged during Tuesday’s show after a guest made two shocking confessions – one of which was to something illegal.

Macauley was brought on the show by his girlfriend Avril alongside her mum Paige.

Avril told host Jeremy that she was on the show to tell her mum, who she claimed was violent to her, that she was choosing her cheating boyfriend over her.

Avril was on the show to tell her mum that she chooses her cheating boyfriend over her (Credit: ITV)

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Although this is just another typical Jezza story fans were shocked after it was revealed that Macauley and Avril are actually first cousins.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Turn the TV on, ‘at least I’m not sleeping with my cousin’ … good ol’ #jeremykyle.”

Another said: “‘She either chooses her family or her boyfriend’ but her boyfriend is also her cousin! I’m confused #jeremykyle.”

“#jeremykyle Sleeping with her cousin? Well you know what they say: “The family that lays together stays together,” a third tweeted.

To make matters worse Macauley then admitted to driving illegally without insurance despite being banned from driving shortly before.

Jeremy, 51, asked Macauley: “Didn’t you drive without insurance, while you’d been banned?”

To which Macauley revealed he had and Jeremy ranted: “People like you should be thrown in jail!”

Avril and Macauley are first cousins (Credit: ITV)

It’s believed that they will be returning to the show to take the infamous lie detector.

Last week on Jeremy Kyle viewers were disgusted after a woman, Lisa, admitted to taking drugs despite being 26 weeks pregnant.

As Lisa appeared on stage Jeremy, 51, asked the mum-to-be: “You’ve been taking cocaine whilst you are pregnant. Yes or no?”

Lisa, who was trying to hold back her tears, replied: “Yes I have. You don’t know what I’ve been through.”

Lisa admitted to taking cocaine despite being heavily pregnant (Credit: ITV)

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And of course fans were outraged by Lisa’s admission.

One angry viewer wrote: “That woman on #JeremyKyle doesn’t deserve her baby!”

“Social services should now drug test her weekly until that baby is born #JeremyKyle,” another added.

You just never know what to expect from this show.

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