Jeremy Kyle bodyguard steps in to protect presenter as raging guest storms the stage

Events turned ugly ahead of DNA test

There’s never a dull moment on The Jeremy Kyle Show and today’s instalment was no different.

Security had to jump in and stop a guest from storming the stage, aiming for Jezza.

Jezza called the guest a “woman beater” (Credit: ITV)

It came after some words were thrown between the guest, Thomas, and the host which sparked some anger.

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Jezza called Thomas a “wife beater” after the female guest on the show told all about her tumultuous relationship with him.

She went on the show to get a DNA test on her baby to prove he was the biological father.

Thomas became angry at Jezza’s insults (Credit: ITV)

But when Thomas tried to get his word in by shouting from the side of the stage, Jeremy shouted: “Shut your mouth”.

When Thomas angrily shouted back: “You shut YOUR mouth”, it was clear things were getting a bit heated.

Jezza couldn’t leave it there though, and he called him a “little boy”.

That’s when Thomas decided to try and storm the stage, pointing his finger at the host.

The burly bodyguard quickly stepped in to refrain him from getting near Jezza.

The guest tried to get on stage but security stopped him (Credit: ITV)

Jezza then took his turn and stormed across the stage to Thomas, separated by the bodyguard, and started shouting at him saying: “You’re the big man that hits women.”

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Thomas was eventually brought on stage to sit next to his partner, though the bodyguards remained close by in case of another spat.

It turned out that the baby was in fact Thomas’s daughter, so he apologised to his partner.

Quite surprisingly the guest then apologised to Jeremy for his earlier outburst and the two even shook hands. Aaw, isn’t it nice when we all get along?