Jeremy Kyle blows as he’s accused of taking drugs

Irate guest makes wildly inaccurate accusation

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Getting caught in cross fire is a career hazard for Jeremy Kyle, who’s surrounded by people at war on a daily basis.

But he found himself on the receiving end of some seriously ridiculous abuse today, when a guest on his show accused him of doing drugs.

The host was chairing a segment entitled ‘Sister I caught you cheating on your boyfriend, prove he’s your baby’s dad!’ when he was challenged by the sister in question.

Sally did not appreciate sibling Demelza accusing her of cheating on her partner Aaron, and when Jezza probed her, all hell broke loose.

She shouted at the chat show king:  “Go sniff some drugs!”

Stunned Jeremy replied: “Me? I sniff drugs?”

“Yeah, it’s all over the Internet, mate,” came the retort.

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The 51-year-old ITV favourite then hit back: “You are actually ridiculous.”

But the angry sister wasn’t done and she spat back: “Yeah, just like you.”

Just to be clear, there is no evidence of this supposed drug habit of Jeremy! The host has, however, been open and honest with the public about his previous gambling addiction.

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This May, he slammed a father on the show for “choosing drugs over his family” but he hit back, and slammed the host for his past admission to a gambling addiction.

The guest said: “That’s what drug addiction is, you should know! You’re one to talk!”

The presenter lost his rag a little, declaring: “That was a cheap shot. What, the gambling? Well I got over it with help! Why don’t you do it?!”

Oh dear, what a circus. Surely there are less stressful ways for JK to make a TV living!