Jeremy Kyle audience frenziedly Google “Mayo Melissa” after watching transgender guest’s bizarre video

The film involves mayonnaise and nudity...

The Jeremy Kyle show studio audience were left in tears of laughter after a video was shown of a transgender woman with bottles of mayo hanging from her boobs.

Yes, you read that right.

A girl named Emily went onto to the show to find out if her dad (the now transgender woman named Melissa) was her biological father.

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Emily found out Melissa isn’t her real dad (Credit: ITV)

As the story unravelled Emily admitted she had been bullied thanks to Melissa’s crazy YouTube videos which had gone viral.

The most famous and wacky of them all was a video of Melissa singing, bouncing around with bottles of mayonnaise hanging from tape on her boobs.

Emily said she was bullied after the video went out, and even had to change her name on Facebook.

The audience couldn’t contain their laughter at the video (Credit: ITV)

In the video Melissa was singing Harry Belafonte’s Banana Boat Song (Day O) but replaced it with “Mayo”.

Jeremy showed a clip of the video to the audience who couldn’t help but chuckle away.

Even Emily’s boyfriend was laughing, but he said: “It’s funny for me, but that’s Emily’s dad.”

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Viewers rushed to find the full video of Melissa on YouTube.

Melissa’s wacky YouTube videos have gone viral (Credit: ITV)

It turned out that the DNA test results revealed she wasn’t Emily’s dad!

The Jeremy Kyle Show revealed after the show: “Despite being disappointed with the DNA results Emily says that her and Melissa have remained close since the show.”