Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter opens up about being bullied because of famous father

She was attacked about her (perfectly normal) size

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Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter Emily has opened up about being trolled.

The 23-year-old’s trauma began six years ago, with vile online critics levelling abuse at her such as: “lump of lard”, “bloated mess,” and a “brainless vapid celebrity spawn”.

“There’s only so many of these you can read before you want to lock yourself in a room and cry until you can’t any more,” she writes in her new book Can I Speak To Someone In Charge?

She also tells of her battles with her weight and self esteem which was made worse by bullies.

Emily was bullied for years about her weight (Credit: Instagram @prettynormalme)

She revealed she used to get so upset about her body that she would cry until she was sick, and she wrote in her book: “I used to squeeze my eyes shut, cross my fingers and wish that when I woke up in the morning I would be thin. I did this every single night.”

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Emily felt she had inherited her famous father’s ‘”enormous” figure, as she said “I have an enormous father and some of his genes,” and she said she also developed an unhealthy relationship with food.

She revealed that she would be disgusted looking at herself in the mirror. She said: “Every day I would look at my reflection and grimace. Sometimes I would look at it and cry.

She also recalled: “I would grab fat rolls on my stomach and squeeze them together so tightly that there were finger marks.”

Emily, who is now a size 10, said she started feeling self conscious when she hit puberty as she noticed that her classmates had smaller frames than her.

Emily is now a slim size 10 (Credit: Instagram @prettynormalme)

She said: “I would look at my classmates, and all of them were so much thinner than me, and I wish that I had their bodies.

“Did it occur to me that the reason so many of them were so thin was they hadn’t hit puberty and grown boobs or hips yet? No… all I saw was ironing board upon ironing board.”

Although she is a healthy and slim she wanted to say: “I also know I will never be thin. I wasn’t built that way,” and she wants to show support to those being bullied for how they look.

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Earlier this week Emily posted an Instagram snap after she had finished a two mile run, with the caption: “I RAN!!!!!! I have done no exercise since the beginning of June (fine, beginning of May) and have been building it up in my head like mad which has totally stopped me from starting.

“But today- surrounded by paradise (and five dogs who promised to love me forever if I did it) I went for a two mile run. My calves are in bits and I choked up both my lungs but give a [expletive], I WENT RUNNING!! Very proud of myself.”

Emily posted this proud photo after a run this week (Credit: Instagram @prettynormalme)

Through her social media and her new book Emily champions body confidence and learning to love your body. She will hopefully become a source of inspiration to other young girls who have been bullied, and we’re sure her dad is very proud!