Jeremy Clarkson hoax

Jeremy Clarkson victim of cruel online death hoax

The hoax went viral online - panicking many fans

Jeremy Clarkson has become the latest celebrity to be a victim of an online death hoax.

The Grand Tour host, 60, was said to be dead on social media.

However, the dad-of-three is very much still alive and kicking.

Dozens of tweets appeared on Twitter claiming that Jeremy had passed on September 10 2020.

jeremy clarkson death hoax
Twitter users shared false information about Jeremy Clarkson (Credit:

A Jeremy Clarkson death hoax went viral online

The hashtag #RIPJeremyClarkson trended.

But this is of course not the case.

Loyal fans desperately questioned whether there was any truth to the claims.

One worried user tweeted: “#RIPJeremyClarkson is this true or not?”

And another concerned fan stated: “Why the hell is #RIPJeremyClarkson trending!!! It better not be true.”

jeremy clarkson lisa hogan
Jeremy Clarkson with his glam girlfriend Lisa Hogan (Credit:

A third user exclaimed: “#RIPJeremyClarkson WHAT!???? Someone please tell me this is fake news???”

This speculation led to further tweets on silly predictions on how Jeremy could have died.

Some wondered if he had died from obesity, while others joked he had passed from ‘wearing too tight jeans’.

Once his army of loyal fans realised it was just a sick hoax – anger erupted.

jeremy clarkson
Jeremy is one of the highest paid presenters in the UK (Credit: ITV)

Jeremy Clarkson is one of the UK’s highest paid presenters

Many said the hoax was “disrespectful” to both Jeremy and his family.

One user raged: “Whether you like him or not whoever started this hashtag is a very sick person and they need help #RIPJeremyClarkson.”

And a second user claimed: “So disrespectful and to think so many are tweeting taking the [bleep]. What is wrong with people Grrr.”

Jeremy has yet to comment on the hoax.

The controversial star is far from being immune to regular online trolling.

jeremy clarkson itv
Jeremy currents hosts Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and The Grand Tour (Credit: ITV)

Despite hosting multiple highly successful shows –  from Top Gear to The Grand Tour to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – he seems a bit like marmite.

Brits either seem to love him or hate him.

He became a victim of trolling yet again this summer when he made his annual tweet about his terrible A Level results.

He reassured young people that they can become rich like him even if they have dismal results.

Jeremy shared: “A level results not great? Don’t worry, I got a C and 2 Us and I’m currently building a large house with far reaching views of the Cotswolds.”

While some congratulated him, many couldn’t help but troll his bold statement.

One user shared: “It takes a special kind of egotist to take an exam results day for teenagers and turn it into a boast about how rich you are.”

And a second agitated user tweeted: “Mummy’s and daddy’s money means you didn’t have to be great in school mate doors got opened for you.

“You never worked hard thanks to mum and dad typical Tory. Normal kids have to work hard but under your mates in power they are being crippled as well.”

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