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Jenny Ryan supports The Chase co-star Paul Sinha as he slams trolls

His energy levels are 'too low' for all the negativity

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Jenny Ryan backed her fellow The Chase star Paul Sinha as he revealed his energy levels are “too low” to deal with some of the negative comments he gets online.

Paul went public with his Parkinson’s diagnosis last year, telling fans he suffered a ‘breakdown’ in the weeks after doctors told him the news.

Now, the British quizzing champ has slammed trolls on Twitter for flooding him with negative comments about his performances on ITV’s The Chase.

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Paul Sinha received support from Jenny Ryan as he said his energy levels were too low for negativity (Credit:

What did The Chase co-stars Paul Sinha and Jenny Ryan say?

The programme, shown weekdays at 5pm, is currently airing repeats while filming is on hold due to the coronavirus lockdown.

On Twitter, Paul told his followers he is too tired – as a result of the medication he takes – to deal with people unnecessarily and unhelpfully criticising him.

He wrote: “Thread. You are all entitled to tweet how you like. But I’m not obliged to see your tweets.

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“I’m not a ‘snowflake’, whatever that now means. I am someone whose medication reduces my energy levels to the point where I don’t care for…”

If we didn’t have bad days there would be no show.

Paul went on to list some of the things he has no time for, including when people tell him, ‘That was an awful performance on the Chase’.”

He continued: “1. If we didn’t have bad days there would be no show.

“2. I know.

“3. I also knew five years ago, the original date of this repeat.”

Jenny Ryan, on The Chase
Jenny admitted her energy levels had ‘tanked’ without meds (Credit: ITV)

‘Tanked’ energy levels

And Jenny, one of Paul’s colleagues on the programme, had an understanding response to Paul’s tweets, admitting that she too was tired of seeing negativity online.

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She tweeted back, empathetically: “My energy levels have tanked to that level too, without the aid of meds.”

‘Vicious’ comments

In a separate tweet, Paul went on to point out that he is the current British champion, to those who would suggest he isn’t a good chaser.

It’s not the first time Paul has hit out at negativity levelled at The Chase on Twitter.

Last month, he slammed those making “vicious” comments about contestants on the show.

Paul tweeted: “Anyone feeling the need to be vicious to Chase contestants, trust me they have shown more strength of character than you. Four years ago.”

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