Jennifer Aniston reveals she had sex in a very strange place!

The actress was in the mood to share A LOT

Jennifer Aniston is really working hard for her salary on new movie Office Christmas Party.

Now on the promo leg of the film’s lifespan, the former Friends star is ensuring she’s getting the column inches by give very open chats.

After talking about sex toys on The One Show, the 46-year-old has been getting super honest about more saucy stuff.

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While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she gamely took part in a game of Never Have I Ever and was asked whether she had joined the Mile High Club.

Jen somewhat gingerly kept up her I Have placard.

Interest aroused by this revelation, Ellen then probed her guest whether she had done it in the cockpit.

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And she answered ‘yes’.

Ellen then bravely enquired whether it was with the pilot. The reply was a yes.

The host then asked about the co-pilot. Yes. Flight attendant? Jen!!

However, when asked if she’d done it while eating a bag of peanuts, it was a no.

‘What? No, well that’s just disgusting,’ she replied.

Thank goodness for that – it’s so easy to choke on one if it goes down the wrong hole.