Jeff Brazier targeted by cruel backlash following poignant Loose Women interview

He was taking part in a heartbreaking and raw segment

He’s been raising two sons as a single father following the tragic death of his ex-girlfriend Jade Goody from cancer in 2009.

So Jeff Brazier, 38, was an appropriate guest for a poignant segment on Tuesday’s Loose Women about how to tell children their parent has died.

Since Jade’s death, the former Shipwrecked contestant has qualified as a life coach and bereavement counsellor, who helps other families deal with their loss.

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He was on Loose Women to offer guidance to fellow guest, Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham, who tragically had to break the news of her ex-partner’s death to their three young daughters.

However, the TV presenter’s act of kindness and empathy was targeted by cruel trolls online.

One remark aimed at the star read: “Jeff Brazier needs to stop with Jade Goody. Leave it alone. Yr using this to get profile (sic).”

Another said: “Yoko Ono has made a fortune living off John Lennon and this guy is the same living off Jade Goody!”

However, thankfully, the horrid and unfair comments were far outweighed by those lavishing praise on Jeff, including one viewer who said: “Jeff, truly inspirational as always on Loose Women. Brilliant advice.”

Another comment read: “Jeff, just watching you on Loose Women. What a lovely, empathetic and intelligent young man you are. Your boys are lucky to have you.”

A third said: “Fantastic! Well articulated with true passion! Jeff, your kids are lucky to have you.”

Even former Big Brother star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace tweeted: “Ohhhh how my heart hurts… miss Jade & her beautiful presence on this earth. Jeff, what you do is so beautiful.”

Jeff has been raising his sons Bobby, 14, and Freddy, 13, as a single dad following Big Brother legend Jade’s death from cervical cancer on Mother’s Day 2009.

He chose to shield them from the public eye, removing the boys from the spotlight to allow them to grieve in peace.

It’s only in recent months they’ve started becoming more of a presence on Jeff’s social media accounts.

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Jeff decided to train as a life coach after going through the difficult period, hoping to use his experience to help others.

“I thought it would be a good example to the boys, and I went off and did it,” he recently told The Telegraph.

“It just really gave me so many wonderful tools and traits that I can apply directly to my life as a parent, as an individual, as a presenter, as a partner.

“Honestly, I can’t tell you the purpose and the satisfaction that I get from coaching people.”

Well done, Jeff, you’re an inspiration.

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