Jeff Brazier reveals how Jade Goody told sons she was dying

The memories of that time are still painful

TV presenter Jeff Brazier has revealed the heartbreaking way that Jade told their young sons Bobby and Freddy that she was dying.

Jeff said that he and Jade co-wrote a “script” which she read to the boys at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital before she passed away from cancer in 2009.

The Big Brother star told them that she would be a star in the sky that the boys would always be able to see.

“She didn’t want to tell them, but she knew she had to do it because she wanted them to know the truth,” he told You magazine.

“The thought of that always reduces me to tears. Our poor boys. Poor Jade.”

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Jeff has written a book, The Grief Survival Guide, about coping with loss.

Jade lost her life on Mother’s Day 2009, and the anniversary is always painful.

Jeff and Jade’s sons Bobby and Freddy are kept largely out of the limelight (Credit: Instagram)

“I try and reduce the impact,” wrote Jeff on Twitter this year. “But having Jade’s anniversary and Mother’s Day in the same week is a cruel blow for the boys.”

He’s proud of how his sons are growing up. “They’re turning into fine young men,” he said.

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Jeff, a patron of Grief Encounter, also revealed that his sons have reacted differently to their loss.

“Freddy is very open, but Bobby doesn’t talk so much about his feelings.”

Jeff is now in a relationship with publicist Kate Dwyer.

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