Jeff Brazier moves viewers to tears on This Morning

He's been through a lot

Jeff Brazier moved This Morning viewers to tears when he hosted a phone-in conversation about grief.

The life coach and TV presenter, whose former partner Jade Goody died after suffering cervical cancer in 2009, was praised for doing an “amazing job”.

Father of two Jeff spoke to Pat, who was struggling to cope after the deaths of both her parents and her eight-year-old son. He also gave advice to Kate, who was wanted to know how to prepare her children for her own death.

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@JeffBrazier once again inspired by the support you offer people who are struggling with end of life issues, keep up the good work Jeff,” wrote one viewer.

Added another: “well done Jeff hope this lady finds comfort with your words and help.”

Another viewer wrote that his children were “extremely lucky to have you as a dad.”

Jeff has often spoken about helping his kids Bobby, 13, and Freddie, 12, cope with the loss of their mum. He is also writing a book about bereavement, which is due out in the summer.

He revealed that he had continued his conversation with This Morning viewer Pat after their conversation on air. “Really #Grateful Pat and I were able to speak at length after this happened today. Hoping we made a difference,” he wrote.

Viewer Nicola Woodward tweeted him back that he’s “such an inspiration”.

Jeff has revealed that his life coach clients often seek his help on coping with loss. “I’ve been a life coach for three, four years and most of my clients are bereaved because I think they have seen how I have dealt with things publicly and I guess they think ‘if anyone is going to understand me, it’s this guy,’” he said.

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Jade died on Mother’s Day 2009 and he admits that the anniversary is always tough. He wrote: “Glad last week’s over. I try & reduce the impact but having Jades anniversary & Mother’s Day in the same week is a cruel blow for the boys.”

Replied one fan: “It can be a tough day for a lot of people. Your [sic] doing a great job with those boys though.”

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