Jedward boast about their rampant and dynamic bedroom secrets

Girls be scared. Be very scared!

If you’re still eating your breakfast, you might want to give this story a miss until later in the day.

But if you’re brave enough, prepare for a story that may make you feel a little uncomfortable.

Now, there are some hunk celebs in the world that we would quite happily like to imagine doing the dirty between the sheets

Jamie Dornan, star of the Fifty Shades films, for example, is one. He’s fit as hell, masculine and totally swoonsome.

We’d love to see Jamie Dornan do the dirty in bed (credit: FameFlynet)

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And then there’s George Clooney – dashing, cool and drop dead sexy.

But what about Jedward?


Well, it turns out they are dynamos between the sheets!

Edward claim they have great stamina in bed (credit: Instagram)

How do we know this? From a wicked kiss n teller, perhaps?

Er… no! We know from the horses’ mouthes.

Yes, the Jedward boys have volunteered the info as they take part in a new MTV dating show Single AF, alongside Marnie Simpson, Farrah Abrahams, Courtney Act and many more.

Jedward are appearing on MTV’s Single AF with Marnie Simpson, Courtney Act and more (credit: Instagram)

John and Edward Grimes have boasted about their incredible sex skills and claim they can both perform for over an HOUR in bed.

Not together we hope!

The mad cap duo also tease that kissing on a first date is a must for them because they need to “taste the flavour” before committing to a relationship.

Good to know!

John says his amazing bedroom skills are mainly down to the boys’ energetic stage routines.

“I can definitely go for longer than an hour,” he told the Sun.

“If I can perform on stage for almost three hours – performing in the bedroom is nothing to me.


John says his stage routines prepare him for marathon bedroom sessions (credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, brother Edward appears to be a more romantic  fella and says he s more into kissing.

“Who wouldn’t want to kiss on a first date? What’s the big deal? You’ve got to taste the flavour before you commit,” he said, before threatening, “We’re definitely going to be kissing on first dates.

He added: “In fact I want to win the MTV Award for best kiss – and I want our music to play during my make out sessions.”

Er.. just what a girl needs when their lip-locking.

Edward says he loves kissing on a first date so he can “taste the flavour” before committing (credit: Instagram)

The X Factor twins are taking part on MTV’s latest dating reality show and are keen to find love.

“I am looking for someone who can make me happy – who gets me and embraces all my different sides and knows that I’m a performer and entertainer,” Edward said.

“They need to know that they don’t always need to be on the red carpet. I like mysteriousness in a woman.

“I want someone who has something going on in their eyes – and I want someone with a brain. What really attracts me to a girl is their soul.”

Edward are looking for girlfriends and will go on dates separately on Single AF (credit: MTV)

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John said that he wants to connect with a girl on “a romantic level”.

“I am looking for a girl who is funny and pleasant and chooses happiness over drama.”

This series will mark the first time that the twins will have been separated as they must go on dates sprightly.

Weirdly, the boys are embracing this split.

“I’m sure we will go on double dates but it is about finding our own girlfriends,” said John.

“I feel as though this is our Titanic/Notebook moment but on a TV show.

“It’s great to be given the opportunity so everyone can see that we’re our own people.”

Girls, you have been warned.