Jason Donovan trends on Twitter – and he has Boris Johnson to thank for it

Unlikely pairing!

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Jason Donovan has been trending on Twitter and the pop singer has Prime Minister Boris Johnson to thank for it.

The Australian singer hit the headlines last week for rescuing his neighbours from a fire while wearing just his pants.

Now, however, he’s in the news for altogether different reasons after Boris mentioned him in his speech at the Conservative Party Conference.

Jason was probably all smiles after hearing the news that he was trending (Credit: Splash News)

In his first speech at the conference as leader, Boris boasted about the UK’s power to export.

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He said: “We already have some astonishing exports. Just in the last few months I have seen an Isle of Wight ship-builder that exports vast leisure catamarans to Mexico.”

He added: “We export Jason Donovan CDs to North Korea. We exported Nigel Farage to America – though he seems to have come back.”

Boris delivered a speech during which he mentioned the singer (Credit: Splash News)

While nothing else that he mentioned – including Farage – managed to trend, the former Neighbours star did.

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And, while politicians at the conference were slightly bemused by the reference, Twitter was loving it.

Some even referenced the 90s pop singer’s greatest hits.

Some suggested the Especially For You singer would be surprised to see himself trending.

Other Twitter users also referenced Jason’s previous heroics.

Other fans, though, wondered if there was something wrong with Jason and worried that he was trending for a more sinister reason.

Jason himself is yet to comment on the story, but he does have a 2020 tour coming up that will surely soon be sold out thanks to the exposure from Boris.

Elsewhere, Boris also likened the government to ITV’s I’m A Celebrity.

He said: “If Parliament were a reality TV show then the whole lot of us I’m afraid would have been voted out of the jungle by now.”

He added: “But at least we would have the consolation of watching the speaker being forced to eat a kangaroo testicle.”

The new series of I’m A Celebrity is due to start this autumn, so perhaps Boris could sign up and see how long he lasts…

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