Jason Burrill’s ex BLASTS romance with Chloe Khan

Star issues warning for the busty brunette...

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It just shows how crazy both the Big Brothers’ were that we are still banging on about them…

The news that we NEVER saw coming, of a cross BB and CBB romance between Jason Burrill and Chloe Khan is so exciting, that we just have to keep you informed.

Jason’s ex Star Delgiudice has a warning for Chloe Khan, branding the Big Brother winner a “player” and a “sleazebag”.

Star thinks Chloe should steer clear, or is she just jealous?

She told The Sun: “Everyone’s saying he’s a gentleman and I’m telling you now – no way. He’s not a gentleman.

“As soon as I said I didn’t want to sleep with him, then just basically not interested in me.

“He’s a total sleazebag…he’s saying to me: ‘I’m not a player’, and then all of a sudden I see him with Chloe Khan and I think ‘bloody hell’.”

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Chloe and Jason are getting pretty cosy

She was also asked whether she thinks his romance with Chloe Khan is genuine, to which she replied: “No I don’t. I don’t think so.

“Maybe he’s playing Chloe… It’s a bit weird…

“All he was interested in was trying to get in my knickers… I just think, what a bloody user.”

Star, who appeared on the surgery horror show Botched, claims she dated Jason for around a month.

But just days later, he was spotted with busty brunette Chloe.

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Are they smitten?

A rep for Jason said: “Unfortunately it seems Stars’ idea of a gentleman is someone who will fund numerous cosmetic procedures and lavish her with gifts.

“Jason has tried to maintain a friendship with Star, however, she has refused to speak to him after he declined to fund a lip and cheek filler procedure.

“Jason wishes Star all the best for the future and hopes she soon realises she’s a pretty girl without surgery.”

And now you’re with another girl who’s had just as much surgery done, we sure know you have a type Jason!