EastEnders’ Jaqueline Jossa goes on expletive-filled Instagram rant in defence of daughter Ella

That's one protective mama!

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Mess with Jacqueline Jossa at your peril!

The EastEnders actress – due to leave the soap next month – has launched a foul-mouthed tirade at a commenter on Instagram.

The star was taking part in a live chat on the social media site, answering questions from fans.

Jacqueline was chatting with fans (Credit: Instagram)

But one took it too far when they decided to insult Jacqueline’s two-year-old daughter, Ella.

The commenter derided the toddler by telling Jacqueline that Ella looked like a “puffed up spider”.

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Unsurprisingly, the fiery actress shot back immediately, saying: “You look like a [bleep]ing puffed up spider… Go [bleep] yourself, [bleep]. Don’t say anything about my kids.”

Although she then added: “Actually I don’t care if you say anything, I know she’s gorgeous.”

Jacqueline and Ella (Credit: Instagram)

Regaining her composure Jacqueline, 25, said: “Sorry for swearing, sorry to anyone who’s under 18 but you shouldn’t be on here anyway. Sorry Mum but I got it off you anyway!”

Elsewhere in the chat, Jacqueline gave her opinion on husband Dan Osborne’s new leg tattoo.

Dan’s shockingly lifelike tattoo (Credit: Instagram)

The inking amazed fans when Dan unveiled it over the weekend, as it bears an incredible likeness to Ella and his son Teddy, from a previous relationship.

Jacqueline revealed she was a fan, saying: “Dan’s tattoo is so beautiful, it’s like a picture”.

Jacqueline and Dan wed last summer (Credit: Instagram)

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The outgoing EastEnders star also reacted jokingly when one fan referred to her as “the fittest actress on telly”.

She said: “Fittest actress on telly, I think you’re mistaken – have you seen Michelle Keegan?”

Touché, Jacqueline!