Janet Street-Porter makes sad confession about multiple marriages

The panellist has been hitched four times

Janet Street-Porter opened up about how she woke up the morning after her wedding day and immediately regretted it.

The 70-year-old has been married four times, but said that she only went through with half of her weddings out of feeling pressured.

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Janet also told the Loose Women ladies that she would’ve been embarrassed if she didn’t go through with them.

Stacey Solomon argued with the red-headed journalist over the importance of tying the knot, with Stacey then branding her the “Grim Reaper of marriage”.

Revealing that she had once married a man she didn’t love, Janet said: “Well maybe if you’re involved in something, in an event of that magnitude, you think ‘I’d better go through with it’.

“I mean, 50% of mine [weddings] have been like that. One I knew the next morning. I adored him and I still do to this day, but the next day I got up and I thought: ‘Why did we do that?’

“That was a big mistake, but we had a great party!”

The rest of the panellists were enjoying making fun of their pal, with host Christine Lampard saying Janet’s love life was like a “holding pattern at Heathrow” as there were a lot of “arrivals and departures”.

However, the former editor of The Independent on Sunday still looks at marriage in a positive light.

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She said: “It might sound odd but actually at 70 I now believe in marriage.

“There is a big point to it because if you have any property or children, marriage is a legal document.”

Hilariously, she then added that she would make an amazing pre-marriage counsellor.

Don’t change jobs, Janet. We need you on Loose Women for our entertainment!