Jane Seymour believes she can still play 25

Jane Seymour insists she can play a 25-year-old as she loses part of film role to younger actress

Bond girl, 69, outraged as she reveals secrets to her youthful looks

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Jane Seymour has firmly insisted she can play a younger character in their mid-twenties in films.

The actress, 69, is proud to have never followed others in Hollywood, by not opting for any kind of cosmetic surgery.

She puts her youthful appearance and figure down to being disciplined and apparently only eating once a day.

But the former Bond girl was left infuriated after producers told her she could no longer pass for 25.

Jane Seymour on the red carpet
Jane Seymour looks stunning at 69 (Credit: Splashnews.com)

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Jane stars alongside Joan Collins and Denise Richards in medieval series Glow and Darkness.

She plays Henry II’s wife Eleanor of Aquitaine in the drama. Scenes show the character between the ages of 25 and 80.

They don’t even need to do the facial stuff on me.

Jane expected to perform all of Eleanor’s appearance on screen.

But she revealed plans changed with very little notice and her character’s younger self was recast.

Roger Moore and Jane Seymour were in Live and Let Die together
Roger Moore and Jane Seymour starred in Live and Let Die together when she was 22 (Credit: YouTube)

Jane Seymour ‘doesn’t understand’ why role was recast

Jane told The Times: “They told me that only I was going to play myself at 25. But before I even got round to doing it, the day before, without telling me, they found another actress to play me at 25.

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“It’s something I really don’t understand at all because believe it or not, and you can see on Instagram, they don’t even need to do the facial stuff on me. It works just fine. Joan Collins is 87 and she’s supposed to be playing a woman who dies at 40.”

Jane also gave some insight into how she maintains her slender figure. She told the broadsheets she eats one meal a day containing veg with fish or chicken. Sometimes she may swap in a slice of lean steak. But otherwise Jane snacks on raw carrots and celery.

Joan Collins, Jane Seymour and Denise Richards mask up
Masked up actresses Joan Collins and Denise Richards star alongside Jane (Credit: Splashnews)

And emphasising how she doesn’t require camera trickery, special effects or an op to preserve her looks, Jane likened those who do go under the knife to dolls.

She said about surgery: “I have nothing against it, I think it’s fabulous if that’s what you want to do. And obviously I’m looking around at people my age who look like Barbie dolls.”

Jane, who has won two Golden Globes and an Emmy, was just 22 when her breakthrough role in Bond film Live and Let Die was seen in cinemas.

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