Jamie Oliver slammed by fellow chef for “using” his own children

He shares a lot about his life on social media

Jamie Oliver openly hero worships Italian chef Antonio Carluccio.

The 80-year-old culinary maestro have Jamie his first job in a London restaurant as a pastry chef at the age of 18.

So it will doubtless smart a little to read that the king of Italian cuisine has given his former protégé a bit of a roasting, over sharing so much of his family life with the world.

“It’s too much. I don’t know why he does it,” Carluccio is quoted as saying in the Mail Online.

“I know how social media works, and I know that he does it to promote his work, but it’s not fair on his family.

“His children aren’t making that choice and maybe when they grow up they will be upset he used them.

“I don’t have any children — that I know of.”

‘But if I had children, I wouldn’t use them to get more famous. Jamie knows what I think about him doing it. I don’t hide my opinion.”

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Hmmm. And everyone is entitled to their opinion of course. However, Carluccio is an octogenarian… times do change.

And people on all industries are having to use social media to make a brand out of themselves to build their business.

While Jamie does post a lot of pictures about his five kids, he’s certainly not the only celebrity to do so.

Just look at David Beckham, Gordon Ramsay and Peter Andre – to name but a few.

Jamie’s posts can land him in hot water with concerned fans though.

When he shared a picture of tot River laid out grinning on the kitchen floor, he received messages about the dangers of a cold, hard floor for a baby.

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Even his mum told him to pick her little grandson up – much to the amusement of his fans.

Well, we’ve never too old or rich to be put in our place by our mothers!

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