CBB: Jamie O’Hara “fuming” over Bianca Gascoigne’s secret boyfriend

He had no idea!

Jamie O’Hara was left pretty red-faced after finding out his love interest Bianca Gascoigne has a secret boyfriend.

The footie star looked shocked after learning the news, and a very upset Bianca was left sobbing into Calum Best’s arms.

The cute twosome have become pretty close in the house and even made plans to go away together once they get out.

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Chatting on the sofa about finding out the news, he said: “Because I didn’t know the full extent of what was going on, it makes it difficult to like obviously because we both get on so well, and both obviously now gone to the point where we’ve both shown that we really like each other and that happens, and you’re like ‘f***!'”

Bianca responded: “I should have obviously filled you in but the situaion with me and you was just getting better and better, I don’t know, I’m just so sorry, I feel terrible!”

Jamie was left not really knowing what to think and said: “I was a bit fuming, ’cause you know, I thought you were single.”

All Bianca could do was say sorry again. Bit late now isn’t it?!

Well, you would think that that would’ve ended the romance, but no.

The pair were filmed in bed having a cuddle after Jamie had found out she had a boyfriend, and even whispered THOSE three words to each other.

“Babe, I love you,” she said, before Danielle Lloyd’s ex kissed her and replied: “I love you too, babe.”

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Guess he’s forgiven her then?!

We’re not sure how her boyfriend feels about this…