jamie laing and Sophie Habboo

Strictly’s Jamie Laing reveals fiancée Sophie ‘turned blue’ and ‘nearly died’ in hospital dash

Jamie said he'd "never had fear" like it

Strictly and Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing revealed his fiancée Sophie Habboo nearly died during a seven-hour hospital dash the other day.

The 33-year-old spoke about how Sophie, 28, ‘turned blue’ during the most ‘eventful three days’ of his ‘entire life’.

What happened to Jamie Laing’s fiancée, Sophie?

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Jamie Laing and his partner, Sophie Habboo, announced their engagement on Saturday, December 18. The couple has been together since April 2019.

However, what should have been a happy occasion for the couple took a turn for the worst as Sophie “nearly died”.

During an episode of his podcast, Private Parts, Jamie spoke to co-host Alex Mytton about what had happened.

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He said: “I got engaged and my fiancée nearly died.”

The Strictly star went on to say that after he and Sophie had celebrated their engagement, his fiancée had fallen ill in the night. The couple had been eating oysters the night before, leading to Jamie believing Sophie had food poisoning.

However, when Sophie was sick in bed, Jamie started to get worried.

“I clear her up and get her to the bathroom, we go downstairs and her lips are looking a little bit blue,” he explained on the podcast.

What else did Jamie Laing say?

jamie laing and Sophie Habboo
Jamie and Sophie have been together since 2019 (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Then, when Jamie was recording his podcast, Sophie screamed for him. Her oxygen levels had dropped, leading to her lips and fingers turning blue. Jamie then rushed his wife-to-be to the hospital.

Jamie went on to say that the hospital was “rammed full of people”, and Sophie’s lips and fingers were “going bluer and bluer”.

“Everyone was like, ‘you’ve got to sit and wait’, but she’s turning blue,” he recounted. “Sophie was just crying tears into her face mask.”

“I’ve never had fear like that in my life ever,” he confessed.

A woman the couple were sat next to let Sophie use a machine she had that checked oxygen levels. It was then that Jamie and Sophie learned that Sophie’s oxygen levels were lower than they should be.

Jamie called a friend who was a doctor, and the couple then went to another hospital. Sophie was put on a drip and her oxygen levels were checked.

What happened next?

Sophie Habboo, jamie laing fiance
Sophie posted an update on her Instagram earlier today (Credit: Instagram)

Jamie and Sophie still don’t know how the 28-year-old’s oxygen levels dropped so low. Despite this, Jamie was very grateful to the doctors and nurses who helped his fiancée.

“Thanks to these amazing doctors, it was fine, and then we were in the hospital for about seven hours doing all of that,” he said.

He then went on to say that his wife-to-be was on the mend, and everything is back to normal.

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“But it was intense and scary and full-on and the most intense four days I have ever had in my entire life,” he admitted.

Jamie and Sophie shared the news of their engagement on Instagram to Jamie’s 940,000 followers. In a sweet post, Jamie and Sophie smiled in a bar as they celebrated the happy news.

“I couldn’t think of anything better than spending the rest of my life with you @habboosophie,” Jamie captioned the post.

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