James Martin has lost weight for HD TV!

He felt pressure to look better

TV chef James Martin has revealed he has lost around one stone in weight due to the pressures of working in a high definition TV world.

The presenter told the Daily Mail that he has become aware that much TV larger screens, combined with HD technology, “show everything”.

“I’ve lost a stone-ish. I just think it’s a lifestyle thing and also looking at yourself on TV,” he said.

“I don’t really watch the programmes that I do because you get critical of yourself.

James in his cuddlier days! (Credit: BBC)

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“You kind of watch and go, ‘Oh God there’s a bit of a chin happening there’.”

The former Saturday Kitchen host, 45, added: “And everybody’s TVs are bigger now. Before you used to watch TV on a small one and now they’re massive.”

James Martin outside the BBC Radio 2 studios
James snapped earlier this month (Credit: Wenn)

Martin, who is 6ft 4in tall, previously weighed 19 stone 7lb at his heaviest.

Looking lean shortly after Strictly in 2005 (Credit: Wenn)

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He lost around five stone while appearing on Strictly Come Dancing in 2005, with one stop apparently dropping off within the first week!

James with partner Camilla Dallerup on Strictly (Credit: BBC)

The rest of it came off within six weeks, due to the gruelling training… something he warned fellow chef pal Simon Rimmer about when he did the show last autumn.

He told Prima magazine: “I sent Simon a text saying, ‘Good luck, you’ll need it’.

“I told him, ‘Forget what they told you, forget all of that one day training’.

Simon was a contestant on last year’s SCD (Credit: BBC)

“‘Once you get past week four, it’s seven days a week, 10 hours a day minimum’.”

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