James Jordan causes CBB bust-up with “washed-up footballer” comment

The weekend of hell is really kicking off

Celebrity Big Brother’s Weekend From Hell has triggered a big bust-up, after James Jordan took a swipe at footballer Jamie O’Hara’s career.

Former Strictly star James was one of the housemates sent to Hell on Friday night and was sentenced to live in basic conditions and battle it out with his fellow contestants to return to the main house.

When James won a task, he waltzed back in to the main house and straight into a row.

James is chatting to some of the other residents when Nicola McLean tells him that Irish twins Jedward said he had called Jamie “a washed-up footballer” when they were in Hell.

James claimed he used the term “washed up” because he assumed the Land Of The Living housemates would be watching on a screen and wanted to lay it on thick.

But Jamie is clearly unimpressed, muttering: “Washed-up footballer, really? Okay.”

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Jamie later says that he will not be “mugged off” by James.

Banter is fine apparently but this was too far, as Jamie added: “You said you haven’t come in here to make friends, but if you come for my career, then we’re gonna have problems.”

Going the other way, into Hell, were Calum Best and James Cosmo.

Model Calum got his marching orders when James is told he can pick someone to take his place in the other house.

“Purely because he was so happy when I was banished to Hell, it’s got to be Calum,” he says.

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Game Of Thrones actor James finds himself banished at the hands of Jedward, after they also win their way back into the main house.

After mulling it over for a few seconds, they decide that James can switch with them because he “doesn’t 100% get us”.

To be fair to James, not many people do ‘get’ Jedward’.

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