James Jordan BURIES Kim Woodburn in eviction interview

She's not very popular with her housemates at the moment

James Jordan is furious that Kim Woodburn has claimed Nicola McLean is bullying her.

The ex-Strictly Come Dancing dancer has instead accused her of “trying to make Nicola snap.”

James is the latest evictee from the house and on Tuesday night he revealed that he didn’t trust the 73-year-old cleaner’s motives for saying Nicola, 35, was bullying her.

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He has previously been branded a bully so it’s something that he will not take lightly.

“I hate the word ‘bullying’, that’s a word that’s used so much nowadays and it’s so blasé,” he told The Sun Online.

“I do believe that for whatever reason she’s targeting Nicola, she’s trying to get Nicola to snap.”

He also said that there is no real reason why she’s “going in” on her.

Hmmm… Is there a game plan there?

Last week in the house, James became annoyed with the twins when he found out they told everybody he was responsible for making a mess in the house.

James, being James, woke them up and confronted Jedwards with Kim tried to defend them.

James told her to mind her own business and Kim immediately laid into him claiming that unlike him, she isn’t trying to win the show.

“And by God are you trying,” she said.

The dancer told her to “go and do some cleaning”.

She then raged: “Don’t demean me ‘cos I’m a cleaner, you fat slob!

“You’re a rude, nasty man, who is a brilliant dancer but have ruined your career because you can’t stop being rude.”

You would have thought Kim would learn her lesson but she flew into another rage with Nicola over face-to-face nominations.

Tuesday night saw Kim nominate “Nicole” to which the WAG replied “Nicola”.

That didn’t go down too well!

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Kim said: “I don’t like this gang handed situation, it’s bullying and it’s cruel, and anybody with a lesser personality than me would’ve broken me down.

“You’ve done a pretty good job already. And it’s a shame that such a lovely girl with such a kind heart is such a b**** because you’re causing terrible trouble here.

“You’re a little stirrer! Grow up! Don’t start with me you little b****!”


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