James Corden’s DAD hits out at radio personality for describing son as “appallingly irritating”

Hew grew protective over his flesh and blood

James Corden’s father has hit out at film critic Mark Kermode after he labelled the actor’s Peter Rabbit performance “appallingly irritating”.

James is the star of current movie release Peter Rabbit (Credit: PA)

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The TV star voices the protagonist in the new live action film in the character’s first big-screen depiction.

It is the first time the Potter estate has given permission for a film but some critics have said the author, who died in 1943, would not have been happy with the results.

Mark’s Radio 5 Live co-presenter Simon Mayo read out a letter said to have been penned by James’s father, Malcolm Corden, criticising the review.

Radio presenter Simon Mayo shared the feedback (Credit: BBC)

Quoting the letter, Simon said: “To hear you describe our son as appallingly irritating… was very difficult to listen to.

“I’m sure you will agree that as parents we are the only ones who have permission to describe our own offspring as appallingly irritating.

“One sincerely hopes that you never have to hear someone else describe your children as such, especially live on air and especially as it seemed James was the only one drawn out for any criticism.”

He also hit out at Mark’s criticism of another Hollywood film, The Greatest Showman, which he called a “thoroughly enjoyable experience”.

Malcolm goes on to add: “I have to commend you guys for your excellent broadcasting skills over many years.

Malcolm with James’s mum Margaret (Credit: Wenn)

“Funny, engaging, informative and usually, barring when you review our son and Hugh Jackman, a most uplifting way to spend a Friday afternoon. Thank you both.”

Mark responded by saying: “I believe my parents have heard me called much worse things than appallingly irritating.”

At the film’s premiere, James accused those claiming Potter would not have liked the film of being “snobby”.

James told the Press Association: “Those mixed views I have never understood, really.”

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