James Corden reveals happy baby news

James Corden and his wife Julia are adding a third to their crew

Is it just us or are celebs having a lot of babies at the moment? We’ve had Beyonce and George Clooney’s twins (erm, there were two separate pairs, they didn’t have them together, though they would have been some seriously beautiful twinnies), Sam Faiers’ announcement this week, and it looks like Stephanie Davis is expecting again too.

And the latest celeb to join them is James Corden, whose wife Julia Carey is expecting their third child.

The news was confirmed to Mirror Online, with Julia thought to be five months pregnant and due in December. So they did pretty well keeping it a secret.

James and Julia already have two children – Max, six and Carey, two.

A source told The Sun On Sunday that The Late Late Show host James and his comedian wife are super-excited about their new arrival.

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One told The Sun on Sunday: “James and Julia couldn’t be happier.

“They love being parents to Max, six, and Carey, two, and are delighted that they will soon have a little brother or sister joining them later this year.”

When Julia was pregnant with Carey, James said: “I don’t think there is a person that doesn’t have a feeling of ‘I really don’t know if I can do this’.”

“What I have enjoyed is, when you’re having your first child you think you are having a baby. You’re not.

“You are having a fully-fledged person who is going to have opinions and thoughts and stories.

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“Who’ll make you laugh and make you cross and become the absolute centre of your world and you become the centre of theirs.

“Second time around I feel that a lot more, like ‘Oh man, I really can’t wait to know who you are and what choices you are going to make.’”

Ok now WE’RE weeping so we can’t even imagine what a hormonal Julia would do if she heard that. Congrats, guys!

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