Jamelia loses Loose Women role after making outrageous comments

Her opinion was too strong

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Jamelia has lost her role on the Loose Woman panel for having an opinion – or so reports would have us believe

According to certain  tabloids, the mouthy Brummy, who used to be singer (remember?) has been ditched by producers after various comments made on the show about overweight women.

Earlier this year, the singer suggested during a debate on the show, that high street stores who stocked clothes for larger women were only encouraging them to lead unhealthy lives.

“I don’t believe stores should stock clothes below or above a certain weight,’ Jam said, ,expressing her personal if extreme opinion.

“They should be made to feel uncomfortable when they go in and can’t find a size.”

Apparently show producers were furious about her comments as they were worried viewers would be offended and decided to phase her off the panel.

One of those handy rent-a-sources told a tab: “Jamelia really annoyed bosses with her comments on high street shops selling bigger clothes.

“Loose Women viewers come in all shapes and sizes and the producers don’t want them to be offended.”

However, ITV have played down her departure and explained that Jamelia is now focusing on beauty features for black women on sister show This Morning, the first of which aired last week.

But Jamelia isn’t the only megamouth whose got herself in trouble this week. Sweet talking Gloria Hunniford caused controversy when she made comments about Chad Evans, the footballer who was recently found not guilty of rape.

His family have accused her of ‘misrepresenting the evidence’ of the case during a discussion about what actually happened with the girl involved in the case.